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Dear Visitor, 

You can make online payments for purchase of  Jnanashri CDs/Cassettes through Naavi's Payment Receipts available in different denominations.

Use multiple denominations to make up the exact amount rounded off to the nearest hundred rupee. (eg: For making a payment of Rs 2500/- buy two NPR s of Rs 1000 and 5 NPRs of 100/-)

In case you are making payment in US $, use the conversion rate  1 US $=Rs 42 and round off the amount to the next higer RS 10.

Contact Naavi for any further clarifications.

To Complete the Process, Click on the Denomination you want to purchase

Click to Chose the Denominations

NPR-1000 Rs 1000
NPR-100 Rs 100
NPR-10 Rs 10

On payment, you would receive an online recipt and a further confirmation from Jnanashri indicating the delivery schedule.

For clarifications on payment if any send your query to naavi@vsnl.com

For clarification on CD if any, send your query to Swarnalatha