Naavi's Payment Center
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Dear Visitor, 

You can make online payments for purchase of  Naavi's Payment Receipts available in different denominations.

These can be used to make Consultancy related payments  to Naavi. These can also be used for payment for Cyber Law College or CEAC or E-Book payments to make payments after availing bulk discount etc. No third party payments are permitted.

Use multiple denominations to make up the exact amount rounded off to the nearest hundred rupee. (eg: For making a payment of Rs 2500/- buy two NPR s of Rs 1000 and 5 NPRs of 100/-)

Contact Naavi for any further clarifications.

To Complete the Process, Click on the Denomination you want to purchase

Click to Chose the Denominations

NPR-1000 Rs 1000
NPR-100 Rs 100
NPR-10 Rs 10

If you want to buy E-Books of Naavi, Click Here.

[P.S. The payments here are normally accepted  through Credit cards. In case you would prefer to make payment through credit to ICICI Bank account directly at your place, please request for the account number by sending an e-mail with the particulars of the intended payment. Please note that credit card payments are routed through a service provider namely and the terms and conditions imposed by the service provider will apply for the payment. . Since the page is opened in the frame, the URL will continue to show domain name. The payments are received by through a secured server]

Payments can also be made using Paypal account or to the credit of a Bank account in India. Send your request for details