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Cyber Law College to Celebrate "October 17" as "Digital Society Day"

October 17 is a red letter day in the Indian history since it represents the day Digital Society in India was born in the year 2000. It was the day when the much awaited Information Technology Act 2000 which created the legal recognition for “Electronic Documents” was notified and India became one of the first few countries in the world to enact a law of such nature in response to the call of the UNO through the circulation of UNCITRAL Model Law to all its members.

 Information Technology Act 2000 (ITA-2000) made “Digital Contracts” a legal reality in India. Introduction of the concept of “Digital Signatures” revolutionalized the concept of “Information Technology”.  ITA-2000 also addressed the needs of the Information Asset owners in India for a legal blanket of protection for the Information Assets through an effective deterrence mechanism against Cyber Crimes along with a quick grievance redressal system.

 All this created a foundation for the growth of Digital Society in India.

 Recognizing the important event and re-dedicating ourselves to meet the needs of the Digital Society created by ITA-2000 is therefore a fitting tribute to the enactment of a landmark law in India. 

Cyber Law College a pioneer in  Cyber Law Education in India following the developments in this regard since 1998 has found it essential to remember this golden day by designating it as the “Digital Society Day”. 

To celebrate this day year after year and to undertake programmes that contribute towards furtherance of the objectives for which the law was enacted, Cyber Law College has undertaken several activities under the banner of “Digital Society Foundation”, a Charitable Trust formed for the purpose of working for the welfare of the Digital Society. 

As a first step in this direction, Digital Society Foundation has planned to organize commemoration of “Digital Society Day” through an activity in Bangalore on October 17, 2006. This will be adopted as an annual event to be conducted every year. 

The other activities to be undertaken by Digital Society Foundation include 

a)      Conduct of workshops, Seminars, on subjects of Cyber Law, Information Security and related fields.

b)      Conduct Courses in Cyber Laws, Information Security and  related fields

c)      Conduct In-house training programmes for IT and Non IT Professionals on subjects of Cyber Law, Information Security and related fields.

d)      Establishment of a Register of Ethical IT Employees

e)      Establishment of a Register of Cyber Law Compliant e-commerce entities

f)        Establishment of a Register of Cyber Law Compliant Cyber Cafes.

 ………and many more

 Digital Society Foundation is also instituting the following three awards which will be awarded every year. These awards are meant to promote awareness, encourage study and encourage implementation of Cyber Laws.  

  1. Best Journalistic Effort to promote awareness of Cyber Laws in India.

This award would be given to a journalist based on contributions made through articles and news stories published in Indian media. The first award will be for the  period 1st October 2006  to 30th June 2007. Subsequently the award would be for the period 1st July to 30th June.

  1. Best project by a student in a field related to Cyber Laws.

This award would be given to students who participate in a project for which topics would be provided by Digital Society Foundation. This year the topic would be “Proposed Amendments to ITA-2000”

  1. Best  “Cyber Law Compliant” unit in a select industry.

This award will be given this year to the Cyber Café which has initiated the best Cyber Law Compliant measures. The first award for this period would be for nominations received upto 30th June 2007. Subsequently the period of the award would be for nominations received from 1st July to 30th June each year.    

The full details of how the nominations would be taken and assessed and the details of the award would be announced on the website of Digital Society Foundation. Some of these awards will be sponsored by Cyber Law College and some are expected to be sponsored by other Companies. 

To kick off these programmes, Digital Society Foundation is organizing a half day programme on October 17, 2006 in Bangalore.  

The programme will consist of the inaugural part where invited dignitaries will participate and the second part of the programme will consist of a Seminar on the “Proposed Amendments to ITA-2000”. The target audience would be lawyers, chartered accountants and IT professionals. The theme would be to discuss how far the proposed amendments would protect the interests of the information asset owners. Full details of the programme is enclosed.

Participation from likeminded individuals, organizations and Companies is welcome.

Contact: dsfoundation@gmail.com for participation


September 28, 2006

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