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Norms for Registration of "Provisional CyLawCom Examiners"

The objective of registration of members as "Provisional CyLawCom Examiners" is to develop a team of professionals capable of undertaking Cyber Law Compliance Audit of Companies and guide them towards Cyber Law Compliance.

The end objective of the programme is to create a "Cyber Law Compliant Society" which is keeping  with the motto of Naavi.org of " Let's Build a Responsible Cyber Society".

Being a CyLawCom examiner requires the dual specialization of Information Security and Cyber Laws with practical training on "Audit".

The process of becoming a "Certified CyLawCom Examiner" starts with the registration as "Provisional CyLawCom Examiner" with Cyber Law College. Steps involved in this process are

1. Download and Complete the Registration Form meant for the purpose and available for down load here.

2. Enclose Copies of  the following  Certificates

a) Certificate evidencing a basic technical qualification such as BE or BCA or B Sc-IT/Computer Science

 or Certificate of membership of ICAI / ICS

or Degree in  Law

 or Certificate evidencing completion of "Cyber Law Course" from any institution in India conducting a Degree, Diploma or Certification Course in this subject if any.

3.Enclose two copies of latest passport size photographs of the applicant with signature on the back.

4. Pay Necessary Registration Fee of Rs 1000/- online or Enclose a Draft for the purpose. (online payment can be made using NPR s here)

5.Send the application form along with enclosures to "Cyber Law College, 11/10, R E Apartments, Unnamalai Ammal Street, T.Nagar, Chennai, 600017" by Registered Post/Courier marking "CyLawCom-PR" on the cover.

The "Provisional CyLawCom Examiners" will be given necessary guidance towards training themselves further for taking up the examination passing of which will make them the "Certified CyLawCom Examiners".

Adhoc enquiries for CyLawCom certification from any Company may be forwarded to the nearest registered examiner. They would also be given opportunities to participate in seminars and workshops on Cyber Law if held in their location.

If any further clarifications are required, interested persons may contact Naavi.

The above conditions are subject to modification.


With Effect from March 23, 2005, all  Provisional CyLawCom Examiners who register themselves will be issued a Class I Digital Certificate valid for one year from one of the licensed Certifying Authorities worth Rs 500/- as a part of the registration process.

Prospectus on examination for "Certified CyLawCom Examiner"





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