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Indian Media is Insensitive..here

Normally Indian Media and TV media in particular is very sensitive to issues of Crimes. There are several programs dedicated to sensationalizing the crimes. In certain cases the media intervention has ensured that Courts have taken note of incidents which would have otherwise been buried under by influential persons. Many of the recent scams in India have been unearthed because of the persistent support of the media. Even Anna Hazare movement vows part of its success to media support.

However some times commercial interests are strong and media hesitates to take on any corporate India which has the power of doling out "Advertising benefits" .

One example in recent times is the lack of interest shown by the media on increasing number of Bank Frauds in India particularly attributable to the glaring negligence of the banks.

 Today morning, I received the following e-mail from a customer of Punjab National Bank.

" My name is V..... M..... and I am a school teacher at S.... School in Thane. Two years bach rupees 10 lakhs were stolen from our internet account. You can imagine what a shock it was. So much that my husband had a heart attack and underwent a bypass a month after the theft.
The robbers made 51 transactions in 4 days and transferred the entire amount to seventeen different accounts. 
Two years have passed and neither the bank or the police have done anything.We have filed a case against the bank at the Consumer Forum.
Please help. We are in dire need of this money, which was our hard earned money."

I want the society to ponder over this mail in all the seriousness it deserves.

This is not the first case in which I have heard that the victim of an E Banking fraud had suffered health issues after the incident. Luckily only those who have survived the shock and living to tell their story have got in touch with me and explained their vows. Behind these survivors are many who have perhaps not been able to survive the shock. After all Indians use Banks to park their life time savings and when it suddenly vanishes, if the victim is a senor citizen who has retired from active employment, the future becomes so dark that it is difficult to survive.

The Blood of all these persons who could not survive the shock is in the hands of RBI in particular which has been content only in sermonizing but not able to bring rogue Banks to book. 

Out of the persons who survive only those who are still earning and can absorb the shock and then continue a fight incurring more costs are only a few. In these examples lie the truth of who are all responsible for this bloodbath in India.

I will try to document here how different persons have contributed to the increasing incidences of E Banking frauds in India and why I consider that the traditional media has failed in its duty to highlight the problem. I would be happy if the media barons challenge me that I am unfair to them.

The persons/authorities who are responsible for the blood bath are

1. Chairpersons of Banks
2.CISO s of Banks
3. Governor of RBI and the Ombudsmen in various places and officials of RBI at other levels 
4. Chaiperson IBA
5. Persons in charge of law enforcement
6. Software developers who supply Core Banking software to Banks including Infosys, I Flex etc
7. Department of IT responsible for the administration of CAT 
8. Media which has failed to bring a national focus on the problem 

 I will explain why I consider the above officials are responsible for the mess that Indian E Banking system is presently in.

Next Article: Blood of Bank fraud victims are on these hands...


February 26, 2012