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Police anywhere in India should take notice and act immediately


From: HITMAN <nullpwmas@gmail.com>
Date: 14 September 2011 06:12
Subject: Regarding your life


This is the only way I can contact you for now, I want you to be very careful about this and keep this secret with you until I make out space for us to see. You have no need of knowing who I am or where i am from.I know this may sound very surprising to you but it's the situation. I have been paid some ransom in advance to terminate you with some reasons listed to me by my employer. A person I believe you call a friend, I have followed you closely for a while now and have seen that you are innocent of the accusations leveled against you. Do not contact the police or try to send a copy of this to them, because if you do, I will know,and I might be pushed to do what I have been paid to do. Besides, this is the first time I turn out to be a betrayer in my job.I took pity on you. That is why I have made up my mind to help you if you are willing to help yourself.


We are a privately-owned independent enterprise that specializes in reliable contract killings. We offer a variety of assassination services, customized to suit particular needs of our clients.

Our firm consists of a small team of highly-skilled, and experienced, specialists. We are the industry leader in innovative killing approaches and have built a lasting reputation over decades of outstanding services for clients on five continents.

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Sept14, 2011



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