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The era of Cyber Law aware CxO is now in India.

Cyber Laws are the laws applicable to the Cyber Environment. Today's business environment is becoming increasingly dependent on Cyber Space. If an entrepreneur/business manager  has to plan his business today, he  has to go through many challenges.

If we closely analyse these challenges, we will understand how Cyber Law knowledge becomes essential for the business manager at every stage. Whatever business decision he takes revolves around e-strategies and therefore a fair sprinkling of Cyber Laws.

Today whenever a business manager takes a decision on naming a company or a product, he must remember that he would require a supportive domain name to be used for promotion of the company or the product. If a manager choses a name and builds a brand around it over a couple of years of efforts and then finds that it is in conflict with another established domain name or trademark, he may have to take a fresh decision on the name or brand. It is therefore necessary to understand that domain name laws have a great impact on many business decisions.

Chosing a market and the target segments is another critical decision for the manager. With the global reach that Internet has achieved today, access to global market is at the fingertip for any business manager for the purpose of communication of product information. But understanding the risks of reaching out with a communication to the global market, what warranties are created on the website, how does jurisdiction work etc are matters of concern to the business manager.

If the product is a physical product, there is of course production and distribution to take care of in the physical space. But in case of a soft product, both production, distribution and servicing can be done on the Internet. Even the physical manufacturing devices today are driven by computers and are therefore IT dependent. There can be hacking of a CNC production line or a Denial of Service Attack on an electronically controlled production process. The business manager may do well to understand the legal implications of such incidents.

Procurement of raw materials and machineries can be done efficiently through Internet which offers access to information, instant communication and ability to virtually travel to a different country and negotiate. Do these processes have any legal risks? what kind of rights and liabilities are created in such processes? are a matter of concern for the e-Business Manager.

Tapping for human resources start at job sites and social networking sites. How reliable are these? What protection does the company enjoy in relying on such information is also a concern of the e-Executive.

Advertising is a product of communication and reaching a potential target at the right time at the right place. No medium offers a better option than Internet to advertise a product or a company. Behind such a management decision what are the legal risks that are hidden? .. is a concern of the e-Marketing Manager.

Last but not the least...the financing for the project. Though money is still in the form of physical currency and digital currency is still not very much in use for industrial ventures, venture capitalists abound Internet and at least for the initial scouting, Internet would be an useful tool. May be in due course Internet would also provide means of raising money for ventures in the form of digital currency or public issue to Netizens or User funded products.

In such a business environment, an efficient CEO of today needs to appreciate the use of Internet for business and along with it understand the Cyber Laws that drive the e-Business. Same logic applies to the Chief Marketing mangers, Chief Financial Managers. Need of Cyber Laws for CTOs or CIOs  has already been well documented at naavi.org.

In the current business scenario therefore, any CxO needs to be fully aware of Cyber Laws and incorporate the compliance aspects in his decision making.

The era of Cyber Law aware CxO is now in India. Be Aware and Be Empowered.


January 1, 2010

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