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Naavi's Cyber Law College is the pioneer in conducting HIPAA related trainings in India and also assists in the conduct of HIPAA audits.

Type of Training:

 Cyber Law College conducts two types of HIPAA training namely,

1.      HIPAA Awareness Training For General Employees (HAT)

2.      HIPAA Certification Training for Compliance Professionals (HCT)

 HIPAA Awareness (HAT) training is meant for groups of employees and is spread over half day with two sessions of approximately 90 minutes each. This is a collective training programme meant for “Sensitization” of the employees. The programme culminates in a small exit test and all the participants would be issued a certificate of having undergone the training.

This is part of the HR responsibilities in HIPAA Compliance and is the first step for HIPAA Compliance Audit.

 HIPAA Certification Training (HCT) is meant for individual specialization of IT employees with basic knowledge about Information Security. The programme is spread over two full days and goes into greater depth with case studies and exercises. At the end of the programme participants would be administered a test and the participants would be provided a certificate as “Certified HIPAA Professional”. The objective of this programme is to train an IT professional for the role of Privacy Compliance Officer and Security Compliance Officer which are requirements of HIPAA Compliance Audit requirement.

 Course Content

The training will   provide a comprehensive overview of the HIPAA legislation as applicable to a Company engaged as a Business Associate of a Covered Entity or a part of a covered entity including the provisions of HITECH Act introduced in 2009 in US as a part of the Obama initiative for stimulating the US economy. 

The Course content would be structured so as to provide the trainees a good understanding of

a)      What is HIPAA and HITECH Act  and What are the objectives of the legislation?

b)      How is HIPAA-HITECH Act Administered?

c)      What are the compliance requirements under HIPAA?

d)      Who are covered under the compliance requirements of the legislation?

e)      Consequences of Non Compliance

f)        What are the provisions regarding “Administrative Simplification” under HIPAA

g)      What are the Unique Identification Standards?

h)      What is HIPAA Privacy Rule?

i)        What is HIPAA-HITECH Act Security Rule?

j)        What are Transaction Code Standards?

k)      How to implement the HIPAA-HITECH Act Compliance measures?

l)        Role of Compliance Officers for Privacy and Security

m)    Broad Requirements of the Privacy Policy, Security Policy and Business Associate Agreements.

n)      What are the Compliance deadlines?

o)      Any other matter of relevance to understanding the impact of HIPAA-HITECH Act on an Indian Company providing services to a US Covered entity.

 The programme also includes discussion on implementation of Data Security Measures, Encryption, Digital Signatures, HIPAA Compliance Audit Requirements etc.

 The Modalities

 The training will be delivered with power point presentation and Class room discussion for HAT Programme

In the case of HCT Programme, apart from the Power Point presentations, there would be classroom exercises, discussions and self learning tests as the trainer may find it necessary.

 There will be a final exit test for evaluation of the participants.

 Required reading material would be provided to the trainees for reference. In the case of HIPAA Awareness Programme, the material will be delivered in electronic form. In case of HIPAA Certification programme the material will be provided in print form.

The Company is expected to organize the training in its premises with Tea/Coffee and Lunch for the participants and the trainer.


 A certificate will be provided to each of the participants by Cyber Law College after the event.


 Please contact Naavi for details at naavi@vsnl.com