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Bangalore Cyber Security Summit 2009

..Takes Significant Steps towards Securing the Cyber Space

The two day Summit on Cyber Security organized by the Karnataka Government in association with several agencies concluded on 9th October 2009 recording several significant commitments towards a better security in cyber space in India.

 During the inaugural on 8th, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, in his inaugural speech (read out by the State Law Minister since the Chief Minister could not personally attend the meet, promised that the State would endeavour to make Karnataka the Cyber Security Capital of the world and initiate several activities in this direction. He urged the private sector to work with the Government in this direction and one of the suggestions he made for immediate action was the setting up of a global standard  Research and Development center in Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics in Bangalore. 

Mr Rajesh Tandon, the first Presiding Officer of  Cyber Regulations Appellate Tribunal (CRAT) was present through out the proceedings and keenly observed the deliberations. Speaking during the valedictory session, he proposed that CRAT would like to setup the Southern Bench of the Tribunal in Bangalore and the State Home Minister Sri V S Acharya, who was also present, accepted the proposal and during his valedictory address agreed to initiate the necessary steps.

Mr Rajesh Tandon also highlighted the need for India to take up a leadership role in ensuring that a Cyber Crime Treaty  is developed amongst different Countries of the region and also integrate it with the EU Treaty.

He has also promised to follow up this aspect from Delhi.

The Law Secretary of the State who was present in the Valedictory also made another significant suggestion that the study of Cyber Laws should be made compulsory in all Engineering Colleges.

Thus several follow up steps were identified to carry forward the momentum created by the Bangalore Cyber Security Summit 2009.

The State Government has also made it clear and the CM and others have also confirmed during their interactions and speeches that this event would be an Annual Feature and would be marked as an important event in the calendar of Cyber Security Summits across the world.

Another significant aspect of this Summit was that a "Think Tank" was formed to consolidate the recommendations that came forth during the Summit and submit it to the GOI. Naavi, as Chairman of the Bangalore Cyber Security Summit Think tank, read out the salient features of the recommendations during the Valedictory Session and a copy was presented to Sri Rajesh Tadon and Mr V S Acharya. A Copy will also be sent to the Union Law Minister Sri Veerappa Moily who was expected to be present in the valedictory session but could not make it.

Many of the recommendations concern with the draft rules proposed under ITA 2000 amendments (ITA 2008). One other recommendation of interest to the Internet and Privacy Watchers was that the Summit felt that the recent Request for Public Comments document released by ICANN regarding Privacy and Proxy registration of domain names needs to be responded to and India should oppose the proposal since it would create a serious hindrance to the law enforcement.

More details about the recommendations would be available at www.bangalorecss.in and also at www.naavi.org.

The Bangalore Cyber Security Summit 2009 represents the first attempt by a State Government to take a lead in organizing such a conclave. The commitment shown by the State and demonstrated through out the two days of the Summit was contagious. It was not surprising therefore that the security community which attended the Summit readily recognized that Bangalore is ready to launch itself as the Information Security Capital of India for the time being and may be extend this further in due course.

All security professionals have been invited to continue keeping in touch with the Summit authorities through the official website www.bangalorecss.in so that they can participate more vigorously during Bangalore Cyber Security Summit 2010.


October 10, 2009

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