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The War on savitabhabhi.com needs to be continued

On May 29, 2008, Naavi sent the following e-mail to the Director CERT-IN.

Mr Gulshan rai

Dear Mr Gulshan Rai

One of my journalistic friends brought to my attention the existence of the following website http://www.savitabhabhi.com for advise on its legality. While perusing the site I was shocked to find the contents aimed at corrupting the minds of young Indians in a manner worse than the worst pornographic sites.

This site is specifically aimed at the Indian audience and hence must be considered as violating Section 67 of ITA 2000. The site is registered under the name of an ISP in Canada but I suspect it is owned and operated from India. There must be ftp uploads and downloads from this site by the owners which should enable one to find the owner through a scanning of the ISP server logs.

The site needs to be blocked immediately besides action being taken on the owners. Perhaps the investigation to trace the owners should precede the blocking. However blocking cannot be postponed for long and hence urgent action is called for in starting an investigation.

I have brought this incident to the notice of the Police in Karnataka and done my duty as a Citizen. I wish CERT now takes some positive action of tracing the offenders and then protect the Indian Children from this onslought.

I am aware that the present rules permit you to act only when a complaint is received from certain agencies such as Police or Court and not from individuals/NGOs. However I wish your organization does not stand on such formalities and immediately order an enquiry through CBI if required to nab the owners of this site.

I have persuaded the journalist to hold back his report for some time since the publicity gained by the site by any media exposure would be harmful in itself. But I am not sure how long you can bottle up the information. 

When the news eventually  breaks out, questions will arise on what the Government of India did to stop this menace. I wish CERT would have taken necessary action in the mean time.


Cyber Crime Complaints and Resolution Assistance Center


This was the beginning of a long drawn war on savitabhabhi.com.

This was also followed up with an e-mail report to the DG of Karnataka. Subsequently, journalists at techgoss.com also took up the issue and even announced a reward for some body who could trace the real identities of the site owners.

After a long wait, it appears that CERT-In has now initiated action (through CCA's office) and caused the site to be banned.  As a result the site is not accessible for the last few days. (I understand that the ban was since June3).

However there are already many sympathizers of savitabhabhi.com who are trying to promote the cause of savitabhabhi.com by criticizing the Government for its action calling it "Censorship" of the Internet. Some think it is "Freedom of Expression" to run a site like savitabhabhi.com.

In order to ensure that the efforts of the Government are frustrated, some of these supporters are posting information on how to bypass the legal restriction and are also starting a website called savesavita.com for carrying on their illegal activity of promoting a banned site.

It is necessary to keep such enthusiasts warned that their work can be considered as "Assisting in the contravention of law" and could also be considered as an "Offence".

I have today urged CERT-IN to also ban this new site and this war on savitabhabhi.com will therefore continue.

A Copy of the e-mail letter sent is reproduced below:

The Director

CC: CCA, Delhi

Dear Sir,

I thank you for having taken action on Savitabhabhi.com by banning the website. Obviously one can foresee opposition to the banning in various forms. I urge the Government not to be deterred by the criticism which is bound to follow. For every person who criticizes
the move there will be hundred other persons who would be happy with the decision.

We must consider this as a "War on Pornography" and ensure that all attempts to frustrate the intentions of protecting the Indian children is countered.

In this connection, I hereby bring to your notice the emergence of a website namely www.savesavita.com whose sole objective is to promote the illegal activity of savitabhabhi.com. By the same logic which makes savitabhabhi.com eligible for banning, the site www.savesavita.com also deserves to be banned.

I request you to take the necessary action in this regard immediately.

Just as the race with virus creators, there will be a need to continue our efforts to track and kill such sites if we want to save Internet usage in India particularly amongst children.

I hope necessary action would be taken.


 There is no doubt that the supporters of Pornography will try to keep savitabhabhi.com alive in some form or another. It is equally important for the Government not to give up its commitment and keep banning all alternate access points to savitabhabhi.com.

Just as it happens in a war, I anticipate that there will be a collateral damage in this fight and the victim could be the privacy of individuals. I therefore urge the savita supporters to stop challenging the Government. If they do, they may actually end up creating more damage to genuine privacy protection requirements than they intend protecting today. In an attempt to preserve the right to visit a pornographic site such as savitabhabhi.com, they may force the Government to initiate measures which ultimately curtail the genuine freedom of speech on the net. (If it happens, Naavi would like to disown responsibility as the initiator of this war.).


June 27, 2009

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