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ITA 2008 compliant Digital Authentication and Auditing Tool

Ujvala Bellur Digital Auditing Tool is a digital folder authentication and auditing tool that is meant for authenticating electronic folders for e-audit purpose and the authentication and is compliant to Information Technology Act 2000 as amended by Information Technology Amendment Act 2008 (ITA 2008)

The tool developed by Bellur Infortech Pvt Ltd in collaboration with Naavi is compatible with Indian Digital Signature system and enables a person to authenticate the data integrity of electronic files and also authenticate the files with digital signatures.

The primary purpose of the tool is e-Auditing where files in a computer need to authenticated by an auditor for data integrity.

The tool has been so designed that it provides a hybrid digital authentication mechanism where it can also be used by persons who donot have digital certificates.

The Ujvala-Bellur team would also be undertaking specific projects for enabling document management systems with digital authentication.

The tool has also been integrated with a documentation digitization project for digitization of books. It is also being used for the specialized e-document audit service offered by the associates of Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd. The e-audit service is specially designed for Government departments, Banks and other institutions where digital documents need to be preserved over a period of time and audited for data integrity from time to time.

The tool is the first of its kind in India and is a critical requirement of audit under ITA 2008.

For more information contact naavi@vsnl.com

For a Copy of an e-book on Digital Signatures, please click here


June 24, 2009