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 How to Elevate the Image of Bengaluru from

Silicon City of India


Information Security City of the World



.And    Why We need to?


This is a discussion paper prepared  to stimulate a discussion on how to rejuvenate and re-launch Bangalore as a global IT destination not withstanding the Bangalore Vs Buffalo competition



Bangalore has already been recognized globally as the “Silicon City of India”. The reputation of Bangalore has even made the US President to consider US fiscal barriers to ensure that IT employment can be shifted back from Bangalore to Buffalo. Success of Bangalore as a global IT destination has also created a special status for Bangalore and Karnataka as a leader in IT in India. Though for some time Hyderabad and Chennai have tried to surge ahead of Bangalore in terms of marginal IT development, Bangalore still is far ahead of other States in India in terms of its presence in IT sector and this leadership status bestows on it certain opportunities as well as responsibilities.

Cyber Law College promoted by the undersigned is already implementing a state wide plan called Karnataka Cyber Law Awareness Movement which is aimed at making Karnataka the most Cyber Law Aware state in India. Reasonable progress has already been made in this regard with the establishment of Cyber Law learning centers in Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Hubli and Belgaum.

The strategic thought in this note is to develop a thought process on how we can fulfill the responsibilities that IT leadership confers on Bangalore with the harnessing of opportunities in future and also ensure that we meet the threats that may hamper the unique status of the City.

The thought is that as Bangalore tries to keep the global attention on itself when it is re-branding itself as Bengaluru, the branding of the City as the Silicon City of India is to upgrade the branding within the IT domain to something more contemporary, more critical and more beneficial.

The theme of this programme could be “Bengaluru, the Information Security City of the World”.

Cyber Security is a focus area for Obama in US. Hence the project is likely to open bridges of communication and collaboration between India and US in the Cyber Security area and could re-establish Bengaluru as a preferred IT destination. The project would also be in tune with the BJP manifesto in the recent election.

A recent report by The Brown-Wilson Group titled "2009: The Year of Outsourcing Dangerously", holds Bangalore the 23rd most dangerous city in the world and 5th most dangerous city in India. Hyderabad and Kolkata are considered safer while Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai are consider worse than Bangalore. We need to therefore transform Bangalore from the 23rd worst city to perhaps beyond the hundred mark to stay in contention of the world a secure place to do Information related business . We need to perhaps build a “Secure Cloud” for computing that attracts the best business houses in the world to do business with the “Bengaluru Secure Internet Cloud”. 

The Road Map

The transformation of “Bangalore the Silicon City of India” to “Bengaluru the Information Security City of the World” is suggested to be focused over a three year period from 2009 to 2012.

During this period, suitable action plan needs to be initiated to ensure that the re-branding occurs with achievements in different dimensions  addressing the information security concerns of different segments of the society.

During the next 12 months, at least four major International events should be planned in Bengaluru with Information Security focus. This would ensure that Bengaluru would be in the global IT radar for all the good reasons.

During this period, new Institutions focusing on Information Security may be set up in Bengaluru which address the requirements of Information Security in academia and research. These institutions should be nursed so that they may eventually become global institutions of excellence in the respective areas.

The above Governance focus supported by Academic support should attract National and International IT investors to consider fresh investments in India not withstanding the fiscal barriers that are being planned in USA to discourage increased IT investments in Bengaluru.

The Implementation Framework

 The Government of Karnataka may declare  a project titled “ Project-Global Information Security”.  (GIS)

The Government may develop a task force which may be called “Task Force for making Bengaluru the Global Information Security City”.

The Government may invite representatives from the Central Government from relevant departments to participate in the planning and implementation of the project. Private sector participation to be ensured so that there would be quality skill and knowledge input available for the projects.

Initial Funding may be predominantly from the State Government supported by private sector sponsorship of individual projects. In due course it may be supported by Central Government and UN sources.

 Action Plan:

 As a part of the implementation plan, three action threads are suggested. First is a set of events focused on Information Security. Second is a set of IT initiatives driven by Information Security focus which attracts global investments. The third is a set of institutions with public-private partnership to be nurtured to promote different aspects of Information Security as business paradigm .

Some of the suggestions in this regard which may be discussed and modified as may be found suitable are given below.

Events suggested in the next 12-15 months

 1. IT.biz 2009 with IS focus… Nov 2009

2.  An International Conference on “Information Security in Healthcare” … March 2010

3. An International Conference on “Information Security in Legal Outsourcing.. June 2010

4. An International Conference on Cyber Crime Insurance … September 2010

 New Projects Suggested in the next 12 months

 1. Development of Health Care Tourism in Bengaluru with voluntary implementation of HIPAA-HITECH standards of Information Security by select hospitals and their accreditation with US Health Insurance Companies.

2. Creation of a Legal BPO Cluster with a voluntary implementation of LIPS Information Security standards as the first global LPO cluster with IS focus.

3.Setting up of a “Secure Internet Cloud Computing Environment” backed by secure data centers in  tier II cities.

4. Developing  globally available “Online Services in Techno Legal Information Security” with online digital evidence archival and arbitration services

 New Institutions suggested to be set up in the next 12 months 

1. Cyber Crime Insurance Research and Security Rating Institute (to catalyse development of Cyber Crime Insurance services).

2. Institute of Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Warfare (to identify security mechanisms)

3. Cyber Law and Cyber Forensic Institute (to be an International research center)

4. Institute for Security Informatics (to develop cyber security as a part of curriculum in Engineering Colleges)

Further detailed expansion of these suggested ideas would be made available at the appropriate time.

In order to take the above plan forward, the immediate follow up suggested is that the Government of Karnataka may set up an informal Expert Group to consider and submit a report in the next two weeks with  the following limited terms of reference.

a)Should the Government of Karnataka adopt the project as suggested aimed at making Bengaluru the hub of Information Security in the global platform?

b)If so, What are the projects that can be considered for the promotion of the idea in the short, medium and long term and how to structure the implementation infrastructure?

c)Are there any other alternative strategies to re-launch Bengaluru as a global IT destination despite the adverse impact of the proposed US fiscal policies?


June 6, 2009