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Are The Police Listening?

Naavi has already informed both the Police in Karnataka and CERT about the need to ban the infamous s_bhabhi site. However true to their reputations, neither of them seem to be interested.

Now that Police have enough on their hands to chase the false e-mail leads on terrorist activities, s_bhabhi is surely not in their agenda. But let me make my point. This is as dangerous to the Indian society as the bombs that are bursting like crackers all over India.

I have received an e-mail today from one of the parents of an affected child which indicates that an 11 year old boy in Bangalore had been influenced by the site and sent out an obscene mail to one of his teachers. When the teacher complained, the Police swooped in on the boy and his well off parents.

Though the complainant later agreed to withdraw the case, it appears that the Police insisted that they have to book a case under Section 67 of ITA 2000. Desperate parents  had to go through lot of trouble to get his son released ... and the Police had to be persuaded with lot of effort..

But there is no news about the Police having taken any action so far on the website. Perhaps they may be looking at it as a honey pot which will attract more of such boys so that their parents will come running to the Police station. Then they can be suitably informed about the 5 year imprisonment under ITA 2000 and ensure that the offender (or his parent) will pay for their sins.

But will the Police recognize that it is the influencer who needs to be punished more than the influenced?

Will they now contact CBI for an all India hunt for all those involved in this sinister project and bust the racket?


July 31, 2008