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Outsourcing of Criminal Activities to India

Sept 11: India is known as the source of skilled IT manpower. This manpower is not only used for positive work in the IT field but also for "Outsourced Criminal Activities". These activities are in the form of development of Phishing Websites, Development of Pornographic Content etc. Recently, one more activity appears to have been added on to this Outsourced Criminal Activities. It is "Breaking of CAPTCHAs" supposed to be working at breaking of CAPTCHAs at a meagre rate of US $ 2 to $5 per thousand.

(CAPTCHA stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". It's mostly used to prevent automated registration or activity where we would like humans to participate, but keep the excesses away. These are images containing some code letters or numbers which the users are asked to input to authenticate a transaction such as opening of an e-mail account. The jumbling of image is done in such a manner that the digits are not machine readable and only a human can read the same and input it in the filed).

Experts feel that there are countless number of franchises operated by several of India’s large data processing companies offering "Home based working opportunities". There are also software developers developing tools for making the work easy. The articles refered to here in contain more details. One such service provider is  the India based decaptcher.com,

It must be stated that all the persons working for such projects are actually committing an offence both under Indian laws as well as foreign laws. Companies engaged in such services could easily be hauled up both under ITA 2000 as well as IPC.

One Indian website which is involved in such an activity is said to be www.decaptcher.com. This is owned by a Russian registrant but hosted in India.



August 10, 2008

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