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Where is ROC Karnataka in Cyber Space?

Registrar Companies is an important department of any State Government and all existing and prospective investors who would like to invest in the State would be visiting the site for information on how to start and register a new limited company in the State. In terms of the image of the State, it is therefore an important department to be nursed by the State Government.

Until some time back, the website of Registrar of Companies, Karnataka had been hosted by NIC.  However at present the site gets re-directed to nitpu3.kar,nic.in which appears to be the site of "Bangalore One" project maintained by Ram Infotech, a Hyderabad based company.

As of date the site was not available and "page Not Found" error is being displayed.

This indicates the lack of interest by the department which generally reflects the dis-interest in e-governance.

 In fact, Karnataka was one of the first (May be the only state in India) to create an office of the "Secretary-e-Governance" when Mr S M Krishna was the CM of the State.  The department had a lively e-Governance secretary when Mr Rajiv Chawla was in charge. After his transfer, some time last year,  the department was not given a separate secretary and the IT/BT secretary was doubling up as e-Governance secretary. In the process the e-Governance in the State became an orphan.

The status of the ROC website is perhaps an indication of this dis-interest.

For a state which is proud to have the capital referred to as the Silicon City of India and is leading in Software exports, it is strange that the e-Governance is in a neglected state.

It appears that the new Government has appointed a new Principal Secretary in charge of e-Governance who comes with a good reputation for innovation and hopefully things would improve.


June 21, 2008