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Karnataka State Police Election Site

Karnataka recently completed a statewide election that drew national attention.

During this eventful political exercise, the Karnataka Police  created a standing example of a model Citizen centric e-Governance project in the form of the website www.kspelections.com  .

The site is now archived since the election is over but the authorities have stated that it will start operating again at the next election time.

The website contained near real time information on the  law and order developments across the state with each district as a unit. It also effectively utilized the information available on the election commission website including the list of candidates and their affidavits.

The site also had a handbook for the Police containing legal provisions regarding elections in IPC, various circulars and notifications of  the election commission etc. It had also a facility for the public to lodge complaints.

Without doubt this was a pioneering effort for Police in any state in India and would be a trend setter for other states. 



June 9, 2008