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Ahmedabad BPO accused of Data Theft

An Ahmedabad based BPO owner, Maulik Dave, has been accused of data theft from a Florida-based company and selling them to its rival companies in the US. 

His company Business Bee Solutions worked for a Florida-based Company Noble Ventures Inc developing and maintaining the website of Noble Ventures. Noble ventures itself is in business of selling US Citizen's data to marketing companies.  It has been alleged that after the contract was cancelled, Mr Dave tapped and sold 85 lakh records to some US companies. Based on a complaint from the US company the local police have arrested Mr Dave and also seized his computers. The total estimated loss claimed is around Rs 1 crore.

In a surprising revelation which is likely to have serious consequences on the case, one Mr Sunny Vaghela claiming himself to be a representative of the US Company  has stated that the data was stolen but not sold. (See article here)

It is also stated that the incident occurred after the contract was cancelled. It therefore appears that Noble Ventures had been negligent in not withdrawing access from Mr Dave. It is also strange that Noble ventures which runs its business of selling information did not consider securing the data.

The case promises to be an interesting study for academicians to watch how the case unfolds.



June 9, 2008

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