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Karnataka Police Take the Technology Leap

As expected, the advent of  Sri R.Srikumar as the DGP of Karnataka has opened up a new era in the state Police where technology will be harnessed for better Governance.

The implementation of e-Governance in Karnataka police has started with the launching of the website http://www.ksp.gov.in already with some innovations.

The first innovation is the opening of the "Crimestoppers.org", an effort to enlist the support of the public as the extended intelligence of the Police.

The second and the most important development for which Naavi.org had been urging for a long time is the announcement that an "Online Complaint Lodging Mechanism" would be launched shortly.

In fact Mr Srikumar has listed the following as his vision:

1.    Launch of new web site www.ksp.gov.in in addition to removing all the glitches in the old one www.karnatakastatepolice.org

2.    Dissemination of all important information to those interested through the web sites- e.g. News persons can get RSS feed of the updates. Aim is to bring in greater transparency and uphold the citizens' Right to Information.

3.    Online complaint receipt and registration as well as status updates, along with a method of verification and checks to prevent mischievous complaints.

4.    Selected reshuffle of Police officials to make policing professional and people friendly.

5.    Setting up an annual work plan for all officers and personnel.

6.    Getting extra resources from the Government for modernizing the police force. The current annual police expenditure is Rs1600 cores, which is 80 paisa per capita. The target is to make it at least Rs 1 per capita.

7.    Complete the drafting of a new Karnataka Police Act for seeking opinions through wider circulation and debate.

8.    Install a video surveillance and security system for the Vidhana Soudha and open new police stations for catering to the users of the new International Airport at Devanahalli.

9.    Review and revamp the wings dealing with traffic, terrorism and the anti hooch enforcement.

10.   Improve intelligence-gathering mechanism.

Another unique feature of the website is the section on blogs from some of the senior members of the Police. Probably, the freedom of expression which is often stiffled in the strict disciplinary regime of the Police will now find some creative outlet.

Yet another notable feature is the RSS feed which has been planned to provide information to journalists which press people should feel happy about.

We wish the new DGP all success in his new venture and share his vision that Karnataka Police will become a model in  e-Governance to the rest of India.



July 11, 2008