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Why US PATRIOT Act is required in India?..2

(Inter State Cyber Crime Police Cooperation)

The Indian National Cyber Security Forum (INCSF) in its first formal meeting on 6th December 2008 at Bangalore advocated that what India now needs as a counter cyber terrorism response in terms of legal structure reform is an Indian PATRIOT act and a mere addition of a "Cyber Terrorism" clause in ITA 2000 amendments is not sufficient. I would like to elaborate on the reasons why this suggestion is being made by INCSF.... Naavi

(This is the second article on USPATRIOT  Act which stands for "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and obstruct Terrorism")

Some Key Provisions of USPATRIOT Act:..contd

Section 105 of the USPATRIOT Act addresses the issue of building collaboration between different Cyber Crime investigation agencies.

It states "The Director of the United States Secret Service shall take appropriate actions to develop a national network of electronic crime task forces, based on the New York Electronic Crimes Task Force model, throughout the United States, for the purpose of preventing, detecting, and investigating various forms of electronic crimes, including potential terrorist attacks against critical infrastructure and financial payment systems."

This sort of creating a federal structure for Cyber Crime prevention in India by networking different Cyber Crime Police cells in India is an important requirement we need to address. After the Mumbai events, this aspect is being talked about. At the same time the Police reforms are also under consideration.

Even before the formal setting up of a federal anti terror police set up comes up, there is a need for an informal collaboration of the Cyber Crime cells in different States. Several years back, Naavi had tried to organize a structure for collaboration of the Cyber Crime Police in southern states with monthly meetings hosted by different units in rotation. Though Chennai and Bangalore Cyber Crime Police stations were supportive of the idea, it was not actioned.

Now a time has come for the Police units as well as their political bosses to make the right moves for such Inter-State Cyber Crime Police co-operation network.

We know that what holds back such a development which no body will oppose is the lack of political will. In India there are two political parties BJP and the Congress which control most of the States. If these two parties decide, it is not difficult to establish a network for cooperation with or without a formal USIPATRIOT Act. (Uniting and Strengthening India by  providing Appropriate Tools  Required to Intercept and Obstruct terrorism).

As a Netizen initiative, INCSF urges at least one of the parties who is more concerned on this issue to make the first move and call for the first "Inter State Cyber Crime Police Meet" to discuss and implement a mechanism for sharing resources and information.

Will it be the Congress Party that moves first? or Will it be the BJP?

Netizens are waiting for either one or both to move forward in this direction.

In the meantime, the GOI should start initiatives for drafting the USIPATRIOT Act.

(To Be continued)



December 10, 2008

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