Let's Build a Responsible Cyber Society

Mission-"Cyber Law Awareness"



Naavi.org started its mission of "Building Cyber Law Awareness" in the middle of 1998 with the draft of E-Commerce Act 1998 then made available on line by the Ministry of Information Technology.

The efforts were given a major boost with the launching of Cyber Law College in October 2000 to formally educate professionals through the virtual media in the field of Cyber .

Since then Naavi has initiated a number of programmes to spread Cyber Law Awareness amongst all sections of the society. Apart from conducting hundreds of lectures in various educational institutions, Police Training Colleges, (List of Lectures Conducted).

Naavi also undertook publishing of books "Cyber Laws for Every Netizen in India" and an E-Book "Cyber Laws in India..ITA-2000 and Beyond" as well as "CyLawCom-Corporate Mantra for the Digital Era".

Naavi also initiated a "Karnataka Cyber Law Awareness Movement" which included the publication of  the first book on the subject of Cyber Laws in a regional language, "Antarjaala AparaadhagaLu" in Kannada to ensure the spread of Cyber Law Awareness amongst Cyber Cafe owners in Karnataka and conducting a series of lectures in Law Colleges in different parts of Karnataka. Several other sub-projects in this grand movement of Cyber Law Awareness to make Karnataka the most Cyber Law Aware State in India are still in progress.

In the last few months some of the new initiatives have given  another significant boost to Naavi's "Mission-Cyber Law Awareness". One such is the starting of a physical center for conduct of Cyber Law Courses in Chennai (Second after Bangalore). Also a series of workshops are being conducted in different NITs under a project of NPIU. A third project which has taken shape is the commencement of the activities of the "International Institute of IT Law" in Bangalore.

In the light of these developments, Naavi's motto of "Let's create a Responsible Cyber Society" is finding new partners in implementation and spreading its wings.

There are several more projects of Naavi which are still under development and which can be accelerated if appropriate partners with similar thoughts are available.

I take this opportunity to invite suggestions from the members of public on how the "Mission-Cyber Law Awareness" can be pushed further.

I also take this opportunity to invite like minded individuals and business units who are interested in pursuing commercial and academic projects in Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics as well as IT enabled services in the field of Cyber Law and Cyber Security. Some of these projects have global opportunities to be harnessed.

I am also interested in promoting the concept of Voluntary compliance of Cyber Law through the concept of "CyLawCom" which also requires a suitable partner for realizing the global ambitions set forth.


May 04, 2006

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