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In the Internet age, it has become common for university and secondary exam results to be published on the web. More often than not candidates will be seeking admissions to other institutions or applying for jobs based on such results even before formal certificates are issued by the agencies.

In such a scenario, the recipients of such declaration of marks have a dilemma whether they should proceed with the selection process without waiting for the formal certificates even provisionally. Candidates today are finding themselves at the receiving end when some individual institutions are in default while despatching certificates while the selectors have candidates from other institutions to chose from. In such cases, the candidates may miss an application deadline solely because of the default from the institution.

This strange but true problem of the young achievers is being addressed by Cyber Evidence Archival Center with a proposal to extend its service to the issue of "Section 65 B-IEA Certified Copies of Web Published Marks Cards".

These certificates are issued to the apparent owners of the information who have valid access data and who request for such certificates after payment of a service charge of R 100/-. plus courier charges of RS 30/-

Query Service

A unique feature of this certification would be that genuine employers or institutions who would like to get a direct confirmation of the certificate may send their queries through e-mail to CEAC and such queries would be addressed for a period of one year without any charge.  Such Query service may continue  provided candidates/registrants renew their entries.

For the purpose of such queries, each registrant would be given a unique ID which may be quoted by the organizations making the enquiry.

The maintenance of the results and a query service is a fore runner to the integration of this information to the "Background Check" of candidates recommended by Nasscom in the context of the BPOs, for which Naavi.org has already suggested a module of "Ethical BPO Professional Training".

(P.S: The service is presented  as a prototype and may be developed further only if appropriate encouragement is received from the industry and public. Any private sector company intending to develop this service may also seek further assistance from Naavi.)


July 9, 2005

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Further Details of the service are available here.

Disclaimer:  No formal approval has been sought or claimed for this service from any authority. It is a purely voluntary service offer and no warranties of any kind are implied.

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