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Aspiring Ethical BPO Professional
A Training Programme by Cyber Law College



In the aftermath of the Gurgaon BPO fraud, it has become necessary for all BPOs to discharge their responsibility of training their staff on “Cyber Ethics”. Lack of such training could be held as a failure in the “Due Diligence” process of the organization.

 Naavi  who is a pioneer in Cyber Law Education in India and Cyber Law Compliance Audit and Certification has structured a programme for training BPO employees on the minimal ethical knowledge required , and certifying them as “Ethical BPO Professional”. 

Additionally, Cyber Law College has also proposed to conduct workshops even for the "Aspiring BPO Professionals". This will be for students who are not BPO employees, but are intending to be one. The certificate will be called "Provisional" and will be upgraded after their employment in a BPO.

The programme will be administered as a 3 hour in-house training for the BPO with batches of 30 persons each. Every participant would be exposed to an exit test , made to sign an "Ethical Declaration" and provided a certificate by Cyber Law College as "Ethical BPO Professional". A register of such trained personnel will be maintained by Cyber Evidence Archival Center of Naavi.

A Similar module of training geared towards IT Software Professionals is also available. This will be administered to Software professionals and will be called "Ethical IT Professional Training". These professionals will also be provided the requisite certification and entry into a register to be maintained by Cyber Evidence Archival Center.

 HR Managers interested in such programmes may contact Naavi, through e-mail at naavi@vsnl.com or mobile 9198410-30123


June 28, 2005

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