Dot In Domain Name Policy



The new Dot In domain name policy ready for introduction in India from early next year opens up the domain name registration system and places it ion par with the international generic domain name registrations.

The salient features of the policy are

It will now be possible to register unlimited generic domain names in the .in as well as type of extensions.

The price will be RS 250/- per year for the type and 500/- per year in the .in type names.

UDRP will be the basis for dispute resolution.

90 days sunrise period will be available for Trade Mark Owners to register their names.

Registrars will be appointed for the purpose.

These policy changes were long overdue and are therefore welcome.

It is however necessary for us to remember that with this policy changes, some challenges also arise. has been highlighting these issues for the last several years and time has come to focus on some of these once again.

However, as has been highlighted by the undersigned in the past,  registration of generic domain names in the names of existing names under the .com variety will be open for disputes.

It is therefore suggested that domain name registrants make use of the service of verify4lookalikes service. (See

The minimal protection that the service can be extremely useful for the domain name users.


November 4, 2004

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Dot In Domain Name Policy

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