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Intelligent Computer Solutions, Inc, USA (ICS) ( is a US based company established in 1990 and is a leading manufacturer of Forensic hardware such as Portable hard Disk Duplicators, Heavy duty industry model disk duplicators, Drive locks etc.

Mr George Bar the director of ICS since 1999 has been credited with development of several major products and the establishment of ICS in new markets in Asia (China, Japan, Australia Singapore and New Zealand) as well as partnership with major analysis software companies in the US (Guidance Software, Access Data and Paraben) and the establishment of ICS as the leader in Computer Forensic hardware..

The products of the Company are used by

a) Law Enforcement Authorities for Forensic Capture of Data in a hard disk and for creation of multiple copies for analysis.

b) Companies for creating duplicate system hard disks in the Computer assembly line

c) Companies for creating disk back ups as a part of the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

The devices enable “Bit Image Copying” of the original hard disk at a fast rate of upto 3.5 GB per minute.

The device is capable of capturing even deleted files and data in slack space which is essential for fraud investigations. The normal “Back Up” only captures active files and is of low value in Forensic auditing.

The duplication is done along with calculation of the “Hash” of the captured disk, making it eligible for evidentiary use on a later day.

The device can capture even Lap Top hard disk through the USB port without opening the cover of the lap top which is essential to preserve warranties on the Computer.

Considering the functionality of the data duplication device, the undersigned has suggested the use of the products by the Indian Law Enforcement Agencies and the Audit Community in India, in particular the Internal and Fraud Auditors.

In the law enforcement agency, the use of the device enables capture of evidence without the complete seizure of the suspect’s Computer and immobilizing his operations. It also enables multiple copies to be available to be sent to various forensic labs and for safe custody of the original.

In the audit scenario, particularly amongst Banks where a number of banks are following Branch Level Banking Applications, audit of hard disk copies obtained from each of the branches at a well equipped audit center is the only means of secure audit of data.

Similar requirement also exists in all e-Governance applications where the data is held in several remote locations and is amenable for manipulation particularly of the “Kite Flying Type”. (Temporary change of information: eg: Passport office or land registration department.. Changes during verification.. corrected before next traditional audit.).

Many industrial units requiring creation of hard disks to be loaded to Computers either at the original manufacturing end or during servicing use ICS equipments for the speed, convenience and reliability in duplication. (eg: Computer service center),

Some of the following comments from customers of ICS reveal the potential of the equipment.

"We use the Image MASSter to manage software updates in our facility and as a preventative maintenance tool. It increases our capability significantly and frees up valuable resources." -Chris Bortoli Lab Manager, Intel Corporation

"We use the Image MASSter to test and re-load returned drives in our service centers and it has been working very well for us. I strongly recommend it!"
Garry Meeks, Manager of Spare Parts, Packard Bell

"We are extremely happy with the Image MASSter. It is so fast. As a matter of fact, it is 4 times faster than the competition. It's saving us a lot of time and money."
-Denis Hughes, Configuration Project Manager, Ingram Micro

"We use the Image MASSter to load software on UNIX stations. It previously took us one hour to load one drive. Now we load 4 drives in less than 10 minutes. It is an excellent solution for low to mid volume duplication."
-Phillip Binkley, Associate Test Engineer, SCI

"We love the Image MASSter. We are an OEM, shipping hundreds of PC's a month. The Image MASSter increases our production capabilities significantly. It is simple, reliable, and the best common solution for software duplication.
-Scott Barber, Director of Manufacturing, Compex Technologies

"ICS was one of the first vendors to assist Law Enforcement in the field of computer crime. Since 1996, ICS has worked with the NYPD and HTCIA to develop a forensic tool at their own cost. ICS has always been a friend to law enforcement and is the best example of industry working with Law Enforcement as we enter this new era of combating Technology Crime.."
-James Doyle (ret Sgt NYPD), President Internet Crimes


April 7, 2004

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