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What is the Nature of this Cyber Crime?

A very interesting Cyber Crime has been reported from Belgium. A Belgian site named has alleged that some portion of text appearing in its sub site Internet has been stolen and reproduced in invisible form on a site called It has therefore filed a suit for copyright infringement.

The interesting fact of the case is that the reproduced text is said to appear in white fonts  on white bckground and hence is normally not visible. 

Also, Wherever the word "Internet Horoscope appeared in the original text, it was replaced with the word "EasyScopes".

Secondly, the benefit that envisages is that it's search engine rankings based on robotic scanning for relevant text would increase. 

Playing a devils advocate, it appears that the so called infringement is not visible to human eye but to an electronic eye. The infringement is an adaptation and not complete copying. It is also not clear how the right of the original author has been infringed?. Has been prevented from making sales of his product?

Under the circumstances, will law consider this as "Copyright Infringement"?

July 1, 2001 

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