Setback for Open Source Movement ?

In an apparent setback to the open source movement, it has been reported that the latest release of Linux from Mandrake has been found to be incompatible with some LG CD-ROM drives. In addition, Mandrake Linux 9.2 destroys them during the installation process. More Info at CIOL

Cyber Law College to offer Techno-Legal Course

Three year old Cyber Law College founded by Naavi has taken a new initiative to introduce a Course in Techno-Legal Cyber Security Specialization. ..Details

Carnegie Mellon University To Take Cyber Security Initiatives

Carnegie Mellon University has launched an initiative designed to ensure safety for every computer log-on, including a broad range of home users to small businesses and large corporations. A Research Center called Cylab is likey to coordinate these initiatives...Details

The Adverse Effect of SPAM has started to affect Internet

A Survey in US on the effect of SPAM has revealed that the Netizens have started distrusting the e-mail system itself and begun to reduce the use of e-mails on account of uncontrollable SPAM mails. If regulatory corrective action is not initiated, India will soon find itself in a similar situation with increase in online scams, virus infections and other forms of Cyber crimes...Details of Survey in

Yahoo Group Ban Continues

The ban on yahoo groups in India continues and remains as a symbol of an attempted Net Censorship as well as a global admission of the technical shortcoming of our ISPs. Lack of corrective action has made a mockery of the CERT order with wide publicity being now available to the use of Proxy servers. It is unfortunate that the officials who are responsible for the Kynhun group ban have caused some irrepairable damage to the Indian Cyber World some of the consequences of which will be revealed over a time..

Cyber Security Standard from BIS under preparation

BIS, the Bureau of Indian standards is working on Cyber Security standards in India in collaboration with technical teams...More in SIFY

Will CCA's office be merged with DIT?

It has been reported that there is a move to merge CCA's office with DIT. However, this may require  a major change in ITA-2000. Details in FE

CERT to be inaugurated by end of the month?

According to an unconfirmed report, though a unit was working as CERT-IND in the MIT for some time, a new set up of CERT headed by Dr K.K.Bajaj, Deputy Controller is likely to come into being shortly

MTNL becomes the Fifth CA in India

It is reported that MTNL is entering Digital Signature business and is applying for license shortly...Details in CIOL

Barclay's Bank Name dragged into Nigerian Scam

One of the latest variants of Nigerian Frauds seems to be using a spoofed e-mail ID appearing to come from a Barclay's Bank official...Details in CIOL

Smart E-Governance

E-Governance is a huge IT opportunity area in India and elsewhere. Smart E-Governance solutions that reduce the cost of hardware inputs is the focus area for Naavi.  Naavi invites like minded companies interested in  promoting Cost efficient BPO projects for E-Governance applications to partner in  his project on "Smart E-Governance"

Spam mail  which with Fraud intentions

Quite often Spam is dismissed only as a nuisance. But increasingly spams have been used as vehicles of frauds. This recent incident in USA where a student extracted sensitive credit card information and used it for online fraudulent purchases is a case in point. (Details in wired News). At the same time, the increasing commercial interests in spamming have given rise to services that help spammers escape the anti-spamming software by hiding the IP addresses of the sites promoted or used by Spammers is also on the increase as this story  highlights. Soon this will become a law enforcement issue since these services will block the genuine efforts of law enforcement agencies to trace sites committing Cyber crimes or Cyber terrorism. If a proper action plan is not initiated in this regard, we may find knee jerk reactions from the regulators of the kind we saw in the blocking of yahoo groups in India.

Dishnet Admits No Accountability

In a brazen show of inefficiency and indifference, Dishnet officials in Chennai have stated to the undersigned that their service delivery is not guaranteed between 6 pm and 9 am. I.o.w, for any disruption of service during this time the customer cannot be given down time credit. Even during the morning hours down time credit is given only if the service is disrupted continuously for 8 hours. This means that as long as a single disruption is less than 8 continuous hours, no down time credit is given.

This explains perhaps why Dishnet had been nonchalantly diverting bandwidth from some customers during the evening time between 6.30 pm and 8.00 am as reported by Naavi some time back.

It is high time TRAI imposes some basic service standards for ISPs so that Consumers get their due share. If ISP consumers do not organize themselves into an effective consumer forum, they will be at the mercy of indifferent service from ISPs.

Yahoo Groups Released !!

After nearly a fortnight of blocking, Yahoo Groups have now become  accessible once again in India. Let us hope that such a situation does not recur. True to its form Dishnet website continues to display the Government notice as applicable to the entire Yahoo groups....Naavi October 7, 2003

Credit Card Misused to buy Railway tickets online

A case has been filed in Delhi for fraudulent online railway ticket purchase using stolen credit card information. The fraudster has been caught and case is being followed...Details in New Indian Express

Consumer Liability for Software Developers

In an interesting development, a consumer in Los Angeles has filed a case against Microsoft for releasing software which caused a security breach. The consumer has rightly argued that the neither the License Agreements which are always one sided nor the release of patches should be considered sufficient to absolve the responsibility of the software developer.

Irrespective of the final outcome of this case, it is interesting to note that consumers have started to expect accountability from the software developers who are mostly reveling in the IPR regime and taking consumers for granted. Probably next time when a music CD released by a member of RIAA fails to play properly, then consumers should think of claiming a compensation which is several times the amount RIAA is extracting from its cases against consumers...Details in

Do We Need a Consumer Forum for ISP issues?

Wg CDR V G Kumar has written from Bangalore on another ISP service problem which should be of interest to all Netizens. I would welcome comments if any at

Spam Free E-Mail

The over use of telephone marketing has forced USA to introduce a system of Do Not Call Telephone Registry providing an option to the users to prevent telemarketing companies from calling them. In India the trend has just started with Credit Card companies and Mobile operators targeting telephone users with annoying calls even on the mobiles. However the problem on telephone is still tolerable while it is the Spam on the e-mail that is bothering most of Indian Internet users particularly those using VSNL services.

It is however necessary that in preventing spam the ISPs do not take the easy route of preventing users from using the e-mail itself by making it a paid  service lime MSN Chat. Behind VSNL's continued indulgence with Spam there could be such a motive in promoting their paid e-mail service. This tendency needs to be discouraged. The paid service can be used for many value added services but an elementary spam filter must be part of the basic free service itself. ..More

Dot Com Turnaround in Sight?

The dot com boom which revolutionalized the business scene a few years back was busted due to various reasons including the inexperience in Internet marketing, onslaught from threatened traditional business houses, and the fear of Cyber crimes. A survey by Neilson on online advertising has now revealed an increase in the use of the media by traditional advertisers. This could be an early indicator for the revival of fortunes of the dot com business. If only regulators are supportive of this trend and take certain trust building steps such as spam control and ISP service reliability enhancement, E-Entrepreneur Certification etc,  the industry would be able to regain a part of its glory. Related Article: Ad biggies spending more online-TOI ; E-Entrepreneurship Development Cell; Are Good Days  Expected for Dot-Com Again ?

Terror Strikes Cyberabad

The terrorist attack on the AP Chief Minister Mr Chandrababu Naidu has once again focussed the dangers to the economy from organized criminals aided, abetted and motivated by international terrorist forces. The serious implications of attacks such as one hoisted on the AP CM should be borne in mind by politicians who oppose POTA and revel in providing moral support to terrorist causes. Thank God the worst was averted.  Also, thanks to the good old sturdy bullet proof Ambassador which protected the CM. May its tribe increase.


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