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May 26, 2003

Cyber Wars between India and Pakistan get intense

According to a recent report, the Cyber warfare between India and Pakistan has intensified in recent months. It is expected that the war ill now include introduction of viruses into each other country's network. If the fight is between two Cyber armies targetting each other and the respective government sites,  it could be termed as  a war but if innocent public websites are targetted for defacing, then the attacks would degenerate into "Terrorism". 

Recently, the website attracting thousands of students in Tamil Nadu was hacked and defaced. The site is owned by a Chennai Company and hosted with Net4domains, a leading hosting service provider in India. The recent problem with being immobilized by the service provider was also due to a hacker's attack on the hosting server after which the company just shut off the server to its customers for a security audit which appeared to never end.

We are therefore in for a new era of Cyber terrorism and if one day you see an anti-India message on, you need not be surprised. ...........More in HT

I-Flex Chief Released

After a two month long battle Mr Senthil Kumar, CEO of I-Flex was released from a London Jail after the Courts refused to grant extradition request of the Netherlands Government. While this is a welcome news, it was regrettable that it took so long for justice to be rendered. Perhaps this reflects the inability of  the Indian Government, Nasscom and the Indian IT industry to act cohesively and with purpose to get a decision earlier. ..Details in Hindu

Dishnet DSL Bungles Again has earlier brought to the attention of the public the faulty e-mail policies of the ISPs. One particular aspect on which an objection has been raised is the negligence of ISPs in handling the e-mail service. In the absence of any accountability to the consumers, ISP s continue to bungle from time to time and the price is being paid by the consumers....More

Spam Enters Indian TV Broadcasting

From July 14, 2003, Indian Media Industry will enter a new phase..The era of CAS or the Conditional Access System. ...At this juncture, it is necessary for us to remember that the advertisements that appear in "Pay Channels" of Cable TV will now onwards be equivalent to "Spam".....If Spam is bad on Internet, it is also bad on TV. ... TV Spam is more objectionable than the Internet Spam.....More

Reliability of Digital Certificates

Digital Certificate is the back bone of the Digital Contract era....However, there seems to be still some bugs in the use of Digital Certificates....Presently the guidelines of the Government prescribe that the CAs submit weekly statements of Certificates issued and Certificates revoked to the Controller and the same is incorporated in the NRDC ...This is too high a risk for any user of Digital certificate to bear and the system needs to be improved immediately before an innocent Digital Signature user falls into a trap set by a fraudster. ..Details


Media Labs Asia......A Lesson

The disassociation of Massachuettes Institute of Technology (MIT) from the Media Labs Asia is a lesson for those in India who want to look up to USA to teach us how to communicate with our villagers.

India has enough manpower resources for any IT related activity and if there can be any solution to out rural communication problem, our scientists should be able to sort it out.

This experience should open the eyes of many E-Governance project managers who have been running behind the IBM s, Intels and Microsofts for solutions that can better be developed indigenously. ..Related Article in BL : IPR Issue at Media

What is Behind the Next Generation Secure Computing Base

Microsoft has been pushing its Next generation Secure Computing base (NGSCB) (Originally called Palladium) based on hardware which is stated to be very effective against hacking. However, it is surmised that the system would provide unprecedented control to media companies such as music companies to control the user's computer. Obviously, this is going to occupy the central stage in all industry debates for some time to come. The issues are of critical importance to all Netizens and needs close monitoring.                     .

Related Information: FAQ from Microsoft : DRM retagged as Security OS?- An article from : Can you trust your computer?..Richard Stallman in No Pallaidum portal

Online Lotteries to take off in India?

It is reported that several companies in India are trying to get into Online lottery business in association with state Governments....Details in ET

Japan Passes Data Protection Laws

With a concern of a possible data leak through Internet, Japan's lower house passed a set of Data Protection Bill to protect privacy of individuals.

The bills require firms and groups which handle personal information as also public sector institutions not to provide personal data to third parties without consent, and to take steps to protect such data.



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