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Napster to Come back..As a paid service

Roxio Inc., which bought over Napster at a bankruptcy auction has indicated that the music down load service will be  relaunched and  would let users access music through a subscription or on a fee-per-song basis...Details at TOI

This Trend is Dangerous

There are no two opinions that Cyber Crimes have to be prevented and Cyber Criminals have to be tracked and punished. There is also no disagreement that several of the Cyber Criminals, do use "Free E-Mail Accounts" to communicate information including fraudulent messages. But the suggestion of some law enforcement agency official in Australia to do away with "Free E-mail Account" and force "Use of Credit Cards" for e-mail accounts is atrocious. Already, commercial considerations have destroyed many free web services. Now if regulators use their muscle to stop free services, the cost of Internet access would increase and the speed with which Internet grew would reduce significantly. This will hurt Internet economy and  human progress...Read Details of Proposal here

Net Connection to Telephone Users in Chennai

BSNL has launched the internet access service to telephone users on the caller identification line. The internet access will be charged at 10 paise per minute and will be billed along with the telephone bill. The cost of telephone call will be additional. The service is likely to make the dial up internet access accounts of other ISP s such as VSNL and SIFY practically redundant unless they enrich their services significantly with  value added features... Registration and Details Here

80000 jobs in India !!

According to the action plan and the implementing strategy discussed on Wednesday by the inter-ministerial group here, India needs 80,000 professionals over the next five years to tackle cyber security challenges and issues. The total cost of the initiative would cost about Rs 85 crore. The draft action plan of DIT suggests introduction of information security curriculum -- introducing M.Tech in IT security, retrofitting the curriculum in existing B.Tech, B.E and M.Tech and M.E courses in electrical, electronics and computers. Naavi.org draws the attention of the readers to our earlier article "Cyber Law Education For Engineers" in this regard. ...........Details in ET,  Also Read : Nasscom Survey of ITS jobs

E2Labs to offer Course on Ethical Hacking

E2 Labs, a Company in Hyderabad is starting a course on Ethical Hacking. The three month course is  expected to cost Rs 1.5 lakhs....Details in IE

Cyber Crime in TTD Seva Tickets

It has been reported that the software managing the issue of Seva tickets in TTD has been manipulated to issue extra tickets which was being used by a travel agent in Chennai. ...Details in Hindu

Will SETS give a Boost to E-Commerce in India?

SETS, the apex Cyber Security Agency that is coming up in Chennai has a primary objective of working as a nodal agency for all Cyber Security efforts in India. It is interesting to observe that the objectives of SETS have a wide scope including promotion of E-Commerce. India has an opportunity for global leadership in IT provided it can achieve an accelerated growth in E-Commerce. ITA-2000 was one of the efforts aimed at E-Com promotion by providing a legal environment for business on the Network. SETS  through its support for a secured Cyber space will provide a further fillip to E-Business. However, a lot more is needed to be done to promote E-Commerce in India. Do we need an E-Commerce Development Agency of India to focus on this need?.....If so what should be its scope of activities?..... Send your views if any to Naavi

Apex Cyber Security Agency to be set up in Chennai

SETS (Society for Electronic Transactions and Security) the brainchild of Dr Abdul Kalam is coming up shortly in Chennai. Constituted about an year ago, the organization is now coming to life with the TN Government having allocated land near the TIDEL park for housing the institution. SETS has lofty objectives and if succesfully implemented can catalyze the Cyber  Security related activities in India.....Details at Sify.com

A Sensational Development in the Cyber World !!

A recent research in the University of Buffalo on Virtual Reality has indicated that it may be possible to transmit the "Sence of Touch" though Internet. After the recent progresses in transmission of "Smell" through Internet and "Connectivity" through "Fabric", the latest development opens up fantastic avenues for the use of Internet in creating virtual reality through remote networking......Details in The Hindu (17/07/03)

Reuters Files suit on Bloomberg

Reuters has filed a suit against Bloomberg for infringement of three patents on automated trading technology.  Details

First Case of Adjudication in India?

According to a report appearing in HT, the first adjudication case in India has been filed in Delhi by a Bangalore based Company under sections 43 of ITA-2000. According to the report,  Antares Systems Ltd, operating in the electronic tendering product space has filed the case against C1 India Private Ltd and four others charging the respondents with, among others, developing their own e-tendering solution by copying the essential features of the company's product, Tenderwizard.

From the information published however, it is not clear how a cause of action has been made out for invoking the provisions of Section 43 of ITA-2000.

Details in HT

NIC Starts Issue of Digital Certificates

NIC has started its operations as a Certifying Authority issuing Digital Certificates to officials in the Government sector.....Details in IE

IT Experts or Cyber Coolies?

In a thought provoking article Praful Bidwai in Rediff.com discusses a different perspective of Indian IT industry. Read the full story at rediff.com

Related article in Naavi.org: Meeting the Global Competition..A Challenge for Indian Software Companies

Students in Chennai work on Fragrance through Internet

Ms K. Sowmya and V.Vishwadhara, two final year BE (ECE) students of St Joseph's College of Engineering in Chennai are reported to have successfully demonstrated the concept of "Experiencing Smell Through Electronic Reality" (ESTER) through a prototype of a "Scented e-card" in front of an international audience in Los Angeles according to a report appearing in Indian Express today (8/7/2003, City Express, Chennai).  

It may be recalled that in January 2001, the Delhi based Sandeep Jaidka and Kewal Kohli obtained the world's first patent on the creation of  smell and sensation through multimedia from the United States Patent Office. This invention relied on digitally encoded signals to produce a variety of sensations not specific to an enclosed or open  space.

Hopefully the Cyber World will be soon open to the third sensory dimension of smell beyond the sences of vision and audio. It is time for us to start thinking about the Cyber Law challenges that may arise there from !

More on aroma generating devices

More on Jaidka's patent

Pakistan to Supply Free Porn Filter Software

The Ministry of Information Technology in Pakistan is planning to develop a pornographic filter and distribute it freely through its website.  The software is expected to be released in a couple of months....Details at IE

A New Fraud in  the Making?

In what appears to be a new Internet Fraud, a "Sweepstake Fraud" has hit the Internet. The modus operandi is to announce that the recipient has won a lottery prize of US 1 million or 5.5 million and it can be claimed if a service charge of around 460 Euro is paid. The first  e-mail in this series normally has the heading "Congratulations" or Reward Notification". This appears to be another version of the Nigerian fraud and Netizens should avoid making any payments based on the promises even if they are able to establish personal contacts with those who have sent the e-mail. Mail Samples

Hacking Contest on Air?

It has been  reported that a contest for Hackers is likely to take place on July 6th which may lead to mass website defacements.  The contest has announced rewards for the most number of defacements within a short time commencing Sunday the 6th July. Since this is a huge threat to the Internet community, the possibility of terrorist hand in the game is not to be ruled out.

While the ISP hosting the site where the contest was first reported has pulled down the site, it needs to be debated if this contest can be termed as a "Cyber Terrorist Threat" and be tried under the relevant laws to prevent terrorism.

It is interesting that one group of defenders are reported to be planning a novel method of scuttling the contest by mounting a DoS attack on defacement mirrors such as Zone-H so that the contestants cannot record their success and the contest is therefore scuttled. It may however be remembered that unless the group has the legal "License To Kill",  their proposed action, though laudable, is under risk of being held illegal.

 Details at HT...More Details at News.com.

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