February 1-February 28, 2002


Cyber Democracy on Test

The ongoing war between Mumbai police and Cyber cafe owners has taken an interesting twist and placed a challenge on the Citizens. In what should be considered as a land mark decision, the Mumbai High Court has ordered that the controversial report of the expert committee which has suggested photo ID cards for Cyber Cafe owners to be placed on a web site so that public can send their comments on the report to the Court.

Naavi.com therefore requests every Netizen who has a view on the subject to take a little time off and file his views.

Here is a challenge to the concept of Cyber Democracy. All Netizens should realize that all Courts will not be as progressive as Mumbai High Court in seeking public opinion in such cases. We have a duty to respect the confidence that the Court has put on the Netizens.


Cyber Democracy Website  launched

Naavi.com has been advocating Regulation of Cyber Space which promotes harmony between Cyber Society and the Meta Society. In pursuance of this objective, Naavi.com has always advocated public participation in the regulatory process. Some time back, Naavi.com promoted a "Netizen's Forum" which took the lead in mobilizing public opinion on the Information Technology Bill and the Communication Convergence Bill.

In a step to strengthen the concept of  "Netizen's Forum", and to create an organization around it, Naavi.com has now launched a website www.cyberdemocracy.org. The site will start enrolling members for the Cyber Democracy Movement and prepare to undertake larger responsibilities to be an interface between the regulated Netizens and the Regulators.

The Movement is not for promoting laissez-faire on the Internet, but for promotion of Cyber Regulation which will have a high degree of voluntary Compliance from the society.

Visitors are invited to become members and contribute to the development of the idea.


February 25, 2002

Submit Your Comments on the Expert Committee's Report on Cyber Pornography

On February 13, 2002, the Mumbai High Court passed an order in Suo Motu Writ Petition 1611 of 2001. By that order, the report dated 30.1.2002 submitted by the Special Committee appointed in September 2001 was directed to be made available to the public online for download, to enable comments and suggestions. The order requires that the online editions, in PDF and HTML formats, should be available also on this suit.

Accordingly, in compliance with that order, VSNL have uploaded the entire Committee report at http://internet.vsnl.net.in/offers/highcourt.html


Comments can be sent to cyberreport@bombaybar.com directly or to Naavi for consolidation and submission.

PDF Versions are downloadable here:

Part1 (800 KB)

Part 2 (4MB)

TRAI Recommends Introduction of Internet Telephony in India

 In a major policy breakthrough, TRAI, (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) announced that it is in favour of introducing  Internet Telephony in India. The decision was conveyed in its report on Internet Telephony submitted after a long  public consultation process through the Web and otherwise.

Details available at http://www.trai.gov.in/internet-telepnoney-index.htm (P.S: The page may be infected with W32/Nimda.htm virus. Naavi.com is alerting TRAI and hopefully Virus would be eliminated there after. Alternatively,  mirrored information available here.)


Spain to Make Spam Illegal

Spain is considering making it illegal to send commercial e-mails without the permission of the clients.

Even in India, Spam has long passed the stage of being only an irritant and unwelcome consumer of band width to Porno and Fraud promotion. Use of unsolicited mails to propagate anti society messages is hurting the delicate balance of regulatory frame work between the Meta Society and the Cyber Society. The freedom and popularity of Internet is at stake because of the misuse of the e-mail facility.

If this is not checked, just as a section of experts in Mumbai endorsing the need for Photo Identity Cards for Cyber Cafe use, any other group  may suggest that photo identity be made  mandatory   for having any e-mail account.

There is therefore a need to get a law inserted to ITA-2000 making Spam punishable in India.

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US Court to Judge..Have Copyright  Laws Gone too Far?

The US Supreme Court agreed to intervene and examine if the US Congress has over stepped the limits of Copyright Protection and violated the right of people to information.

The recent proposal of the Congress to extend the Copyright protection from 70 years after death of an author, by another 20 years is at the center of the controversy,

The outcome may determine when hundreds of thousands of books, songs and movies will be freely available on the Internet or in digital libraries.

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Sony Play Station Ruling

The recent Court ruling on the Sony Play Station, in UK is likely to have implications on the inter operability of DVD players in different systems and the devices which make this possible.

The issue here was the sale of chips that could make PS2 work on PAL TV system used in Europe and Australasia as against alternate systems used in Japan and US and if they were violative of the Copyright Act for contributory infringement. The verdict favours such a view and hence can have effect on DVD s as well sold from US, if they are played in Japan over another system.

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Stop This Cyber Cafe Bashing

An expert panel constituted by Mumbai High Court has come to the conclusion that the only way to prevent Cyber Cafes being used to see Pornographic web sites, to introduce a system of ID Cards for Cyber Cafe users. The High Court has called for public comments in this regard.

Naavi.com thinks that there are better ways to control Pornography at Cyber Cafes than by making "Visa" mandatory for entry to cyber space through Cyber cafes.

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Yet Another E-Mail Case busted by TN Police

Close on the heels of the recent success in cracking the Nagercoil E-Mail threat case, TN Police has cracked yet another E-Mail threat case to the TN Chief Minister. In a swift move, the offending E-Mail has been traced to an young person in Hyderabad who has since been taken into custody.

After Maruti, Its Bharti..

In a recent ex-parte interim order of the Delhi High Court, an individual Vijay Kumar Bharti has been prevented from using a domain name registered by him as www.bharti.com and the rights to use www.bharti.com and www.bharti.net  has been transferred to the Company Bharti Televentures Ltd. The exparte interim order  was passed on the basis of an application made by the Company....

The order gives a new meaning to the rights of individuals and makes them subordinate to the rights of a Company. ...

In the interest of protecting the fundamental rights of individuals in India and elsewhere there appears to be a need to seek appeal against this decision of the Honourable High Court and I urge Cyber Savvy lawyers to take up this cause.

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British Telecom Is Treading a Dangerous Path

The news of British telecom pursuing its Patent on Hyper Links in the courts of USA has raised many an eyebrows all round the world. After Amazon Patent and Napster Copyright Cases this has stirred the hornet's nest....This is likely to turn out to be a land mark case determining the principle of patentability of fundamental innovations....

What can also be explored is whether "Pending grant of the Patent, the Patent Controller in India  can be moved for issue  of a provisional order on compulsory licensing on a contingent basis to avoid confusion in the minds of the public and stagnation in scientific development during the course of litigation in USA.

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India's First Digital Certificate?

It has been reported that Safescrypt, a joint venture of Satyam Infoway and Verisign is ready with its software for issue of Digital Certificates from their Indian computer resources.

Hopefully the Controller would confirm the license for Safescrypt so that a legally valid Digital Certificate would be available from India soon.

Report on the Launch

A New Telephone Crime Reported

A new type of telephone related crime akin to "Computer hacking" and "IP Spoofing", has been reported from Mumbai and Telephone users in  India need to be on guard as this can not only mean financial loss but also a false implication for an outward call made from your telephone  number probably by terrorist organizations.

Following is the message received from a friend of the public in this regard.

"Beware if  you receive a telephone call from an individual who identifies himself/herself  as a Telephone Service technician who is conducting a test on that telephone line, or anyone else who asks you to do the following:

They will state that to complete the test the recipient should dial nine zero,  the hash (90#) and then hang up. Doing this gives full access to your phone line, which allows them to place long distance international or chat line calls billed to your account.

The information, which the police have, suggests that many of these calls are originating from local jails. The information has been checked out by the police and is correct.


Naavi.com thanks Mr Ramamurthy for having brought to the notice of the public and welcomes any comments on the report and incidents of occurrence.

February 4, 2002

TN Police bust E-Mail Crime

In a quick investigative burst, TN Police achieved  success in arresting two persons who were involved in sending a murder threat by  E-Mail to  TN Chief Minister Smt J.Jayalalithaa and Education Minister Sri Thambidurai. 

In  a first of its kind Cyber Crime investigation in  interior Tamil Nadu, the Police were able to trace out the source of E-Mail to a Cyber Cafe and follow it up with the identification and arrest of two persons in connection with the crime. It has been reported that a special crack team from Chennai has visited the Crime scene and gathered the necessary evidence for ensuring further prosecution.

What is sad however is that the persons who seem to have perpetrated the crime appear to be young persons in their teens. Did they do it knowing fully the consequences? Or was it a teen age mischief?..only time will tell.

It is however time for us to start thinking.. how we can make the Cyber Savvy youth of our country  realize that  any crime using a Computer may not be just fun but can land them in jail spoiling their future permanently.

Parents and School Teachers should also realize that they have a responsibility thrust on them not to just teach our youth how to use the Computers but also teach them how to use Computers responsibly.

It is in pursuance of this objective that Cyber Law College is offering a Course on Cyber Laws for Teenagers so that our wiz kids into responsible Netizens.


February 4, 2002

Search Engines ..Walking on a Suicide Path?

Search Engines were one of the best friends of the Cyber Society. Are they now degenerating under Commercial pressures?..

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