Be an Affiliate of Naavi.org
. Naavi.org invites Netizens to participate in its mission 
-To Create a Responsible Cyber Society.

The activities of Naavi.org will be divided into three main SBUs. The first will be the maintenance of the Portal as an information resource on Cyber Laws. The second would be to develop a Cyber Law Education center with online programmes for Netizens, Proffesionals and Lawyers. Third would be the development of a Consultancy and Arbitration network of Cyber Law Consultants.

Following these, Naavi.org will also introduce Merchandising of goods and one unique B2B service for Website owners. 

Towards this end, necessary funding arrangements are being made. In order to make this programme a success, interested persons are invited to join as "Affiliates" in the area of  Content Development, Cyber Education and Legal Consultancy.

For details of the terms of the suggested affiliation arrangements Click on the links below.